Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

"Thank You!" Those words to your customer can make a difference.   

Looking for a way to thank your customers while obtaining feedback and referrals? The Cookie Advantage program is a simple, affordable way for you to enhance your sales and customer retention. We will customize a plan to meet your gift-giving needs. Afterall, Chocolate Chip Cookies are AMERICA's favorite.

This is how it works: after we receive your order, we ship our gourmet cookies straight from our ovens to your most valued customers.  They are packaged in designer gift tins, with your customized logo greeting card (including the recipe for our gourmet cookies). If you would like customer feedback and referrals, we can include a postage-paid comment card.  With multiple sizes and other options available, these personalized gifts are sure to be a hit with your customers.

Ordering is fast and efficient. Simply call 913-829-7472, or email, and we will make all the arrangements.

Our outrageously delicious, made from scratch cookies are shipped to your customers on the day that we bake them. So why not let Cookie Advantage help to make the difference and set yourself apart from others? If YOU don't take care of your customers, SOMEBODY ELSE will!

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